1) Go to Java.com on any browser.

2) Click on the button that says "Free Java Download"

3a) If you're using Chrome, this is the next thing you will see:

Click on the active link in this message

3b) If you're using Firefox or Safari, you'll get this message instead:

4) Follow the prompts to download your software to your Downloads folder.

5) When the download is complete, open your Downloads folder and open jre-7u67-macosx-x64.dmg 

6) If done correctly, a new Finder window should open up that looks like this:

7) Double-click on the box icon and follow all the on-screen instructions. Note: Your username and password is setup to be Administrator, so just fill in your password when prompted.

8) After the successful installation box comes up, make sure all your browsers are closed and files are saved, then restart your computer.

9) Congratulations! You have successfully installed Java.